Netball Scotland Board

Caroline Mansley - Chair


Caroline was announced as the new Chair of Netball Scotland in September 2017.  Click here to read Caroline's biography.  Read our announcement of the new position by clicking here.


Claire Nelson - CEO and Director



Claire became CEO in October 2015 after being on the board for 2 years.  Please see her welcome speech here.


Catriona Semple - Director (Performance)


Catriona was voted onto the Board as Director of Performance in September 2017.  Please read Catriona's biography here (photo to follow).


Rachel Clark - Director (Finance)



Rachel has now joined us as our new Finance Director.  Click here to see her biography.


Amy Walsh - Director (Legal)



Amy joined the board in 2012 as Legal and HR Director.  Click here to see her biography.


Gareth McKenna- Director (Education and Development)



Gareth joined the Netball Scotland Board in September 2017, his extensive bio can be read here, and photo will be uploaded shortly.


Janet Young - Director (Club & Competitions)


Janet joined the board at the AGM 2015 and continues to volunteer alongside her directorship.  Click here to see her biography.


Jacqueline McCluskey - Director (HR)



Jacqueline joins us to increase our Board portfolio to include Human Resources.  Click here to see her biography.


Gordon Kaye - Director (Commercial)



Gordon joins the Board with a Board portfolio that covers are commercial activity.  

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