Equality is a term that has many definitions.  It can mean:

  • working towards everyone having the same opportunities

  • the same ability to access facilities and services

  • or achieving the same outcomes


It is founded on the belief that all human beings are equal and should not be disadvantaged in life just because of certain personal characteristics, such as race or sex.


You may have noticed that we no longer talk about equity, we now talk about equality. The term equality is defined in the dictionary as: the state of being equal.  Equity is defined as fairness.


We still believe in fairness, but we want our language to reflect current thinking and our new legislative duties. We still believe that some groups will require more support then others to engage in sport and we continue to encourage our partners to achieve the goal of equality: that everyone in Scotland, regardless of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, gender reassignment, disability, or any other characteristic, will have the same, that is, equal opportunities to participate in sport, from grass roots to high performance.


Equality Policy - June 2013

Netball Scotland is pleased to be working with sportscotland and other partners to achieve the Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport.  The Board has approved a new policy on Equality (which you can download from the link below), and has agreed a policy statement as follows.


The Equality Standard for Sport (the Standard) is a framework and vehicle for widening access and increasing the participation and involvement in sport and physical activity from under-represented individuals, groups and communities, especially women and girls, ethnic minority groups and disabled people.  It assists sports organisations in developing equality-proofed policies, structures and processes and allows for performance to be assessed, ensuring continuous improvement in equality.


The Standard is a collaboration of the four Home Country Sports Councils and UK Sport, and is supported by many equality organisations.  Progress through the Standard is a mandatory condition within the national funding agreements with sportscotland.  In addition it will help us be compliant with the 2010 Equality Act; support us with our drive for new members and demonstrate good service and standards.  It’s the right thing to do and it helps moves us forward as a positive and engaging organisation.  Netball Scotland achieved the Foundation Level some time ago and will submit for the Preliminary Level by the end of 2013.


The Preliminary Level is about continuing to demonstrate our commitment to equality, being clear about what we need to do to achieve equality, that we understand the issues and barriers faced by under-represented groups in sport and that we have a robust equality action plan in place which all staff, volunteers and key stakeholders understand.


Broadly the Preliminary Level requires that:

· We are aware of the current profile and position in terms of equality. This is in relation to staff, board, coaches, officials and members/participants.

· We have an evidence-based action plan to advance equality and increase participation.

· All board members, staff and key volunteers understand the general principles of equality and how it relates to netball.

· Our recruitment practices and policies seek to advance equality


Please click here to download a copy of Netball Scotland's Equality Policy

Please click here to download Netball Scotland's Transsexual People Playing in Netball Competitions policy *updated October 2016*



Netball Scotland Member Equality Monitoring

Netball Scotland will be facilitating a thorough audit of all Club and Individual members from the 2013/14 season onwards, maintained via our affiliations system.  More information on this process will be released to all members following completion of new season affiliations. 


Should you wish to discuss our Equality Policy or the information on Equality published by Netball Scotland, please contact our CEO via ceo@netballscotland.com or 0141 428 3468.



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