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"To challenge each individual netballer to improve through providing the highest quality of technical, tactical, physical and psychological support"


The performance Objective within Netball Scotland's Strategic Plan (Polaris) is to "Field Successful international Teams". Success for our National Team, the Scottish Thistles, will be to be ranked within the "Top six teams in world by 2020". To achieve this objective, Netball Scotland has produced an Athlete Development Framework - Make it R.E.A.L. outlining the process for identifying and developing players from grassroots through to elite performance programmes. This plan is supported by the Make it R.E.A.L. Guidlines and the Make it R.E.A.L. Resource Packs. 


This plan will be regularly reviewed, refreshed and revised to ensure progress is achieved and content is current.


Make it R.E.A.L Guidelines

Our Make it R.E.A.L Guidelines outline the progressive skills expected of athletes at all levels of the Netball Scotland Athlete Pathway Programme. 

The Competency Guidelines are shown for each area of the pathway from Junior Patwhay Centre to Scottish Thistles. 

The competencies are broken down as follows: 

  • Movement Skills

  • Ball Skills 

  • Individual Attacking Skills

  • Attacking Centre pass 

  • Shooting 

  • Circle Specific 

  • Individual Defending Skills 

  • Team Defending Skills 


To access the full criteria of the Guidelines please download from here



MAKE IT R.E.A.L. Workshops

Netball Scotland are currently offering 5 workshops that cover movements, techniques and tactics from the Fundamentals to Performance. 


These include: 

  • Ball Handling 
  • Shooting 
  • Attack & Movement 
  • Defence 
  • Small Sided Games

Each workshop is only £20 per person and lasts 2 hours. These workshops are easily delivered as a CPD for teachers, during training in clubs and regionally for district coaches.  


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