Silver Level


In addition to the Bronze benefits, gaining a silver award will entitle your club to £50 credit towards a Netball Scotland Education course and 10% discount on entry into any Netball Scotland National Competitions and many more. 


The Silver Level Application Pack is provided on a Netball Scotland USB Drive, to express your interest in completing this application you will be required to complete an online application request form. 


Before completing a Silver application we recommend that you read through the Club Application Guidelines for this level to ensure you aware of the set criteria and information you will need to provide in order to complete the application. To download the Club Guidelines to support you in completing your application - Click Here.


To submit an request for a Silver Level Application Pack - Click Here.


Silver Level Criteria


The criteria is set out under the four main pillars, as referred to in Netball Scotland’s 2015-19 Strategic Plan, Polaris.



·         Supply the name of and contact details for the main club contact or session facilitator. This should be correct & current for the season the club accreditation application is submitted.  

·         Affiliate all club members to Netball Scotland.

·         Have a club committee in place and positions filled.

·         Have a club constitution or working club guidelines.

·         Hold a club/treasurers bank account with 2 x signatories.

·         Hold and record minutes of committee meetings.

·         Have written and signed Role Descriptions for committee members to adhere to and ensure they are provided with an appropriate handover for their role.

·         Have all the following club policies, procedures and documents in place.

-          Child Protection & Child Protection Officer in place (if players under 18 years of age)

-          Equality

-          Risk Assessment

-          Incident & Accident Form

-          Code of Conduct for players and coaches.

·         Hold and record Minutes of Annual General Meetings.

-         If the club has a junior section, demonstrate that all the individuals who work with any junior members have a certified PVG through that club.



·         Have a social media and/or online club presence that is easily accessible for new and current members.

·         Have regular communication with club members.

·         Welcome all new members into the club equally.

·         Have a club identity.



·         Demonstrate that the club encourages players of all levels of experience and ability to be involved in the game.

·         Demonstrate your involvement with current competition opportunities.

·         Encourage appropriate player development by nominating players for trials for Netball Scotland development, representative and national squads.



·         Demonstrate that the club supports the development of club members with their personal development aims. This can range from players to coaches, umpires and volunteers.

·         Demonstrate that the club has a session(s) that caters for specific target groups, e.g. Junior, Senior, BBN sessions, etc.

·         Encourage and support the development of club members gaining coaching and officiating awards/qualifications by attending Netball Scotland Education courses. Clubs at this level should have at least the following registered umpires and coaches within their clubs:

-           1 x UKCC Level 1 coach per senior competitive team.

-           1 x UKCC Level 2 coach per Club.

-           1 x C-Umpire per senior competitive team.

-           1 x B-Umpire per Club

-          The only exception to this requirement is for affiliated Junior only Clubs who require the minimum of 1 x UKCC Level 2 per club and 1 x C-Umpire per team.

·         Demonstrate that the club recognises all club volunteers & members.

·         Demonstrate that the club committee gives club members the opportunity to input into the running of the club.

Silver Level Accreditation Rewards

·         A Netball Scotland accreditation certificate.

·         Information on level of accreditation given when signposting new members and published on the Netball Scotland website.

·         Exclusive use of the Netball Scotland Thistle Mark Logo for club marketing.

·         Netball Scotland staff support to develop the club’s ability to achieve higher accreditation levels and a club development plan.

·         £50 credit to be redeemed against any Netball Scotland Education courses. - Gained this reward see the T&Cs here

·         Early bird access to all ticketed events.

·         And much more…



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