Netball Scotland - Our Strategic Plan

 "to be the first choice sport for women and girls in Scotland"

To Members & Partners,


The 1st April 2015 is the launch day of Polaris - our new Strategic Plan for 2015-2019.


Polaris is the name given to the Northern Star that has guided sailors since time began. They were sure to reach their destination by following its guiding light. We consulted widely throughout Scotland in 2014 and ask our members and partners to follow our own guiding light and embrace the concept of a bold twenty year vision:


 ‘to be the first choice sport for girls and women’.


We have broad ownership and a shared commitment to this long term vision and the ‘Statement of Purpose’ 2015-2019 details our four year transformational goals that, if achieved, will put us on the right road to strengthening our clubs, modernising our competition structures and achieving success on the International stage.


We hope we have represented the views and ambitions of our members and key partners. Whilst our financial resources still need to grow to achieve everything within our plan, we are enriched by the passion of our volunteers, convinced of the benefits of our unique sport, rich in team spirit and desire for success and, determined to stay on mission.


At Netball Scotland we ask that all members and partners stand together to embrace and build the new – to have #OneTeamOneDream.


Claire Nelson                                                Freda Hutchison

CEO                                                                   Chair


Click on the image below to download a copy of the Polaris 2015-2019 plan:


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