The Umpire Pathway

Introduction to Umpiring

This course is a perfect beginners course for umpiring. The course is online and helps learners have a better understanding of the rules and applying them. 

Cost: £5 

Delivery: Online Course 

Booking: Book Here


C Umpire Award

This Course is Perfect for those who are Umpiring at a lower level or in Schools. 

After you attend the course you will be able to:

  • Improve current understanding and knowledge of the rules of the game

  • Identify the requirements for Netball Europe C Award

  • Improve umpiring skills by identifying/observing and penalising infringements of the rules

  • Demonstrate how positioning, movement and vision impacts on an umpires performance

  • Begin to develop an awareness of when it is appropriate to playing advantage

  • Introduce awareness of Contact v Contest

  • Understand the importance of Game Management for control and discipline

Cost: £70 

Prerequiste: Online Introduction to Umpiring 

Delivery: 6 Hours

Booking: book here


B Umpire Award

Perfect for those that have gained the C Umpire Award and are over the age of 16 officiating in local or regional leagues.

After you attend the course you will:

  • Know and apply the rules in a more demanding game environment

  • Use recommended hand signals to illustrate decisions made

  • Apply Match Protocols

  • Apply advantage where appropriate

  • Expand on vision, positioning and movement skills

  • Demonstrate the difference between Contact that does or does not interfere with play

  • Utilise effective Game Management techniques

  • Understand the requirements to progress along the officials pathway

PrerequisiteC Umpire Award

Duration: 6 hours

Delivery: Practical & Theory

Cost of course: £80

Booking: Book here


Practical & Theory Assessments

Dates and costs for these assessments for C and B Umpiring Award can be found HERE

A Umpire Award

This award is perfect for those who are looking to progress their umpiring and look at performance and international matches. There is no course around this but a series of workshops and mentoring. If you are interested in doing your A Umpire Award please contact


Netball Europe oversees the assessment process and have created an Umpire Assessments Handbook that covers all information on practical & theory assessments.


As part of your Umpiring Assessment you must submit your Fitness Bleep Test Result using this document.



MSFT Level to Achieve

C Award Test

Minimum 5.1

B Award Test 

Minimum 6.1

A Award Test 

Minimum 7.1

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