Performance League

Netball Scotland’s Performance League was launched in January 2017 with the ambition of providing Scotland’s National Athletes, coaches and officials with an intensive training and competition platform that would better prepare them for the international stage.  As a key element of our National training programme leading into the World Youth Netball Cup 2017, the Performance League brought together the best club players from around the country to challenge and drive our U21 national athletes to be as best prepared as they could be for this major competition. The fantastic feedback received from the athletes and coaches involved in our inaugural Performance League illustrates the achievements of the League, helping to bridge the gap between our national and club environments, and we will look to build on these successes in the future. However, as outlined by our CEO, Claire Nelson, in her report at the recent Netball Scotland AGM, the decision has been taken not to deliver a Performance League in the 2017/18 season due to a demanding calendar of events and competition for our national athletes.


Starting with hosting a two date Test Series with Samoa in December and the Netball Europe World Cup Qualifiers in January (both with Facility Partner Perth College UHI), and the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia in April as well as the return of the UWS Sirens for an extended Superleague Season running from February to July, our focus must be on qualification and competition across these high-profile events, particularly as we head into the final part of our strategic funding cycle.  We look forward to bringing the Performance League back in due course and thank everyone who helped to make it a huge success this year.


Following the launch of Netball Scotland’s inaugural Performance League in October 2016, screening, trials and selections have been completed and we are delighted to announce the successful players and coaches who will make up the teams for this year.

Team Murray
Emma Barrie – National
Ali Tod – ENC Onyx
Emma Love – National
Bethany Weir – Napier University
Rachael Eynon – National
Catherine Bough – National
Karin Sherriff – Scotstoun
Sanna Aitken – Shetland
Laura White – Bellahouston
Anna Sherry – National
Sarah MacPhail – National
Ellie Whittle – Gordonians

Lead Coach – Pat Sutherland – Highlands
Assistant Coach – Gillian Crozier – Avon

Team Grainger
Kate Meagh – National
Jenny Hudson – Saltires
Caitlin Evans – St Andrews University
Ciara Knox McLean – National
Rebecca Metcalfe – National
Ann Flemming – National
Kelly Boyle – National
Amy Craig – Bellahouston
Lauren Crane – Aberedeen Nets
Caitlin Hinchclife – National
Molly Cooper – National
Nicola Laing – Scotstoun

Lead Coach – Sharyn Lyon – Saltires

Team Hoy
Claire Bailie – National
Kirsti Leask – Shetland
Catriona MacDonald – National
Olivia Bollan – National
Jane Eyre – Peebles
Emma Mitchell – National
Ellecia Queen – National
Kirsty Campbell – Saltires
Hannah Grant – National
Louise Hoiles – Saltires
Ella Christie – National

Lead Coach – Kym Wharton – Scotstoun & Rachel Holmes – Bellahouston

Team Miley
Sam Drummond – Napier University
Hannah McCaig – ENC Onyx
Lucy Shanahan – National
Leigh Valentine – Bellahouston
Beth Morley – National
Hannah Houliston – National
Jayne Duncan – Scotstoun
Claire Morris – Shetland
Savannah Antoine – National
Catriona Norval – National
Tash Hamilton – Holyrood NC
Amy Moore – East Kilbride

Lead Coaches – Sarah Prescott – Dunedin & Karen Gould – Strathclyde University

Day 1 of the league kicks off on Sunday 12th March at Perth College UHI.

We wish all the players & coaches the best of luck over the course of the league. Thanks again to continued supporter and new facility partner Perth College UHI with support from Bluefin Sport.


Trials will be via invitation only following screening at the Scottish Cup Tournament (SCT) on Saturday 5th November (details of this club competition can be found here). Upon Player Registration for this competition players will indicate their wish to be considered for screening for this.

For those whose teams are not competing in the Scottish Cup we have an open nomination process to allow you to be considered for invitation to trials. All nominations will be reviewed by a member of our National Technical Team and if required, further screening will be asked for to ensure we have a fair evaluation of all eligible players.

To put forward a nomination for trials CLICK HERE

Following screening at the SCT and review of all nominations, selected individuals will be invited to trials. All invitations to trials are based on Netball Scotland’s selection criteria. **

Performance League Trials – Sunday 19th February at Perth College UHI (ASW)

Player Eligibility
All individuals eligible for invitation to trial must be affiliated to Netball Scotland and be of 17 years of age + at the time of trials. At the discretion of Netball Scotland individuals who are younger than 17 may be invited to trial but via the request from their National Coach.


**Note, following screening, selectrions and trails unfortunately Netball Scotland are not in a position to provide unsuccessful individuals with feedback.

Following trials 4 teams will be created and made up of those players selected to play in this seasons Performance League.

Assigned to each team there will be a Coaching Management Team made up of and selected by the National Technical Team to create a coaching programme for your team throughout the league season. These coaches and management individuals will be mentored by some of Scotland’s leading coaches, including Lesley MacDonald and Gail Parata.

League Days will be made up of Morning training sessions and afternoon Matches.

There is no cost to individuals who are selected to compete in this league but unfortunately travel expenses to the venue cannot be covered.

League Match Days
All league matches will have spectator opportunities to attend and purchase tickets to watch the games, we welcome friends, family and netball fans to these days to showcase your favourite players and your friends compete with and against one another.

All games will be promoted and publicised via social media.


**Note, following screening, selectrions and trails unfortunately Netball Scotland are not in a position to provide unsuccessful individuals with feedback.

Thanks to our current facility sponsors Perth UHI – Academy of Sport and wellbeing and sponsor Bluefin Sport for their support. If you are interested in sponsoring our Performance League then please contact for further information.