Sirens for Success


In Scotland more men than women take part in physical activity every week.  Women are missing out on the physical, mental and well-being benefits of sport.  Netball is a female dominant sport and the Siren’s franchise are committed to enhancing the lives of young people through sport and physical activity; providing them with the information and advice they need to fulfil their potential. With our unique understanding of women’s lives and perceptions we utilise our positive role models who have faced barriers and gone on to achieve success in sport to drive positive change.


Sirens for Success Mission:

To get the disengaged, engaged and the inactive, active.


Sirens for Success Programme:

6-week programme delivered by a Sirens for Success Ambassador which may be a current Siren and National player. Each school will receive a weekly session which will include an interactive educational module and practical session. The educational modules that are covered within the 6 weeks are: Alcohol, Smoking, Resilience, Body Confidence, Exercise and Healthy Eating. At the end of the block each school will be invited to participate in a Sirens for Success Festival.


Sirens for Success Desired Outcomes:

  • Increase engagement in physical activity
  • Increase self-confidence of young girls
  • Change perception of sport
  • Increase positive body image
  • Educate and empower them to make healthy life decisions
  • Establish a positive female role model for them
  • Sign-posting to local clubs to provide opportunities for community engagement in physical activity


Evidence and feedback from the Success of the programme so far:

155 S1-3 pupils participated in the Sirens for Success programme in 2017 and 99% of reported that they had enjoyed the programme and had learnt something new to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. Some of the teacher feedback is shown below and a full teacher evaluation is attached.


‘A well thought out and well delivered programme which allowed the girls to engage in physical activity in a less pressured environment. They became excited about taking part in physical activity and inspired and motivated to participate in Netball. Some pupils who were previously reluctant to take part in PE, enjoyed participating in the programme and the festival and have asked when the next one is.’