Walking Netball

Walking Netball

Do you have fond memories of playing netball when you were younger? Always wanted to play but you were worried about the rules, or about not keeping up with the game? Walking Netball could very well be the programme for you!

In the Summer of 2017, Netball Scotland and Age Scotland launched the much-demanded for Walking Netball.  Having originated as a Pilot in the Grampian region, this hugely popular programme is now booming across the country, and is being supported by our Regional Development Management team.  To find out more, contact membership@netballscotland.com and we will put you in touch with your local Regional Manager.

Find out more about why Walking Netball is proving to be so popular firsthand from the ‘Walking Netball Ladies of Aberdeen‘..

Walking Netball has evolved from a growing demand for walking sports. Participation in Walking Netball brings a number of benefits:

  • Sessions are about having fun and socialising, as well as the amazing health benefits that it can bring
  •  It’s ideal for everyone. It is suitable for all ages and abilities and is a slower version of the game. It is netball, but at a walking pace, with adapted rules and court size
  • It’s a great experience. One of the strengths of netball is that people never forget playing the game and the memories and love of the game never leave them

Before you run a Walking Netball session there are 3 things you need to consider:

1.Confirm your venue


  • Netball Posts
  • Court Lines

2.Confirm your facilitator

Points to check:

  • Have they attended facilitator training?
  • If not, contact Netball Scotland to book training

3.Affiliate to Netball Scotland

A Walking Netball Licence can be purchased for your Club or your Local Authority Session at a cost of £50 per annum. To activate your membership benefits:

  • Pay annual £50 fee for your Walking Netball Session Licence. (£50 per Club)
  • Collate names, DOB and Emails for all participants and submit to Netball Scotland

Your Local Authority licence will include:

  • Promotion of your session through Netball Scotland’s websites and social media channels
  • Walking Netball Posters
  • Resource Handbook
  • Affiliation to Netball Scotland for all your participants providing a range of benefits including:-
  • NS Newsletters
  • Discount of kit and equipment
  • Netball Scotland Insurance
  • Support form Netball Scotland’s regional development team
  • Facilitator training

The resource handbook has been developed as a guide for Walking Netball Facilitators and provides all the information required to deliver safe, fun and engaging sessions.

The Resource Handbook includes:

  • Rules
  • Delivering a Session
  • Warm up Ideas
  • Catching & Throwing techniques
  • Shooting drills
  • Defending drills
  • The Game of Netball

For more information on how to set up your Walking Netball session, please contact:

Netball Scotland

T:  0141 428 3460

E: membership@netballscotland.com