Technical Officials

What does a Bench Official do?

The Bench Officials are responsible for accurate scoring and timing of the game while also recording the shooting statistics.

Netball Scotland launched the INF training and resource manual in December 2011 and has trained Bench Officials from Aberdeen, Argyle & Bute, Glasgow, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire.

Courses run regularly in districts around Scotland and volunteers of any age can train to become an accredited Bench Official.

How do I become an accredited Bench Official?

Candidates must achieve competencies in all 4 disciplines (scorer1, scorer 2, timekeeper 1, and timekeeper 2) at local league level before progressing to national and international events.

What skills do I need to become a Bench Official?

A pleasant, cooperative and efficient manner

Good concentration and focus during match time

Clear and consistent handwriting with legible figures, writing and symbols

Mathematic skills for accurate calculation

The opportunities for Bench Officials are a formal recognition of the important volunteer role of officiating and many had the chance to officiate at the World Youth Netball Championships and some Bench Officials have been lucky enough to be appointed to Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow.

What are Statistics?

Statistics are an enjoyable part of the game and offers a rewarding role while providing a ‘story’ about the match to coaches,spectators and media.

A high degree of accuracy is required to ensure that a high standard of results are captured. Where it is unrealistic to capture all statistics from the match, we hope to capture those most relevant and appropriate to our sport to benefit the coach and players and to inform the spectators and media.


What qualities do I need to be a Statistician?

Personal qualities are listed below but most certainly are not all essential. Previous experience is not required but an understanding of the game is useful;

  • I know and understand the game of netball
  • My communication skills are extremely good, as are my listening skills and visual awareness
  • I have the ability to work in a performance environment i.e. Test matches, Netball Europe Championships
  • My expectations are to work to high level of accuracy
  • I am  enthusiastic and motivated
  • I always strive to achieve
  • I have the ability to prioritise, manage and cope with stressful situations
  • Coping with unanticipated demands does not faze me
  • I believe I am a good team player
  • My sport is important to me and I would love to be a Netball Scotland committed volunteer
  • I would love to be able to create an impact on the sport by providing others with the tools to solve problems/improve player performance


How do I become an accredited statistician?

Candidates must achieve competencies in both disciplines (Caller and Inputter) at local league level before progressing to national and international events.

The statistics programme will involve a new national accreditation award for trained volunteers. This is another positive step to benefit and improve our sport and enhance the skills of the committed team of volunteers in Scotland.

Link to the INF Technical Officials Manual CLICK HERE

INF changes “Whats New” in the Technical Officials Manual CLICK HERE


For further details on training workshops please email



Want to be involved at elite level sport and competition?  Want to have the best seat in the house?  Why not become a Technical Official?

After the huge success of Glasgow 2014, where Scottish individuals made up 87% of the Technical Officials delivering a top class competition on the world stage for an intensive 2 week period. Netball Scotland are now recruiting for individuals to volunteer to train as a Technical Official to support with the following:

  • Test Matches
  • World Cup Qualifiers
  • Netball Europe Competition at all levels (U17, U21 and OPEN)
  • Scottish Cup Finals
  • UWS Sirens VNSL match days
As you progress as a Technical Official you will also get the chance to submit applications to other INF competition such as:
The opportunities are endless!
This role requires a good attention to detail and a high level of concentration. If you think you meet this criteria apply now!!
Saturday 26th May:  a 1 Day Course (10am-12pm) followed by match practice which will include game time do shadow as well as an opportunity to sit on a training bench during the UWS Sirens v Team Bath game.  Click here to book your place.