Local Associations

Netball Scotland's Local Associations

Local Associations are local organising committees that run many local leagues across Scotland, providing regular netball in a well governed, safe and fun environment.

Local Associations range in their offerings to support opportunities for both young and advanced players e.g. some associations offer both Junior and Senior league competitions, while others offer BBN recreational opportunities.

As the game continues to grow in Scotland local leagues are often the first point of call for new or returning participants in our sport. It is crucial that Local Authorities are able to deliver successful, safe and fair leagues in each region to capture and faclitate the development of our sport locally.

Below is a list of Local Associations affiliated to Netball Scotland:

The Netball Scotland Rules document is available to download here.


Aberdeen District Netball Association
Ayrshire Netball Association
Central Netball Association
City of Edinburgh Netball Association
Dundee Netball Association
Dumfries and Galloway Netball Association
East Renfrewshire Netball League & District Squad
Glasgow Netball Association
Highlands & Moray Netball Association
Lanarkshire Netball Association
Orkney Netball Association
Shetland Netball Association

Local Association Consultation

Following the launch of our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan – Realising Netball’s Potential: A long term vision of success, Netball Scotland is proud to launch our Local Association consultation.  As part of our ongoing commitment to the development of our sport, we are seeking to enhance our partnerships with Local Associations around the country to deliver quality domestic development, league and competition opportunities.  We hope to provide resources & expertise to support growth and development at a local level and establish robust, connected & impactful partnerships facilitating collaborative development opportunities.

Over the next two seasons we will be entering into a consultation process with member Local Associations.  This process will provide valuable insights into the role and responsibilities of the Local Associations enabling us to develop netball in Scotland for generations to come.

View our Consultation Timeline

Information for Local Associations