Vision and Strategy


Polaris is the name given to the Northern Star that has guided sailors since time began. They were sure to reach their destination by following its guiding light.  In 2014, following member consultation, Netball Scotland produced our own ‘Polaris’, our Strategic Plan 2015-19, and asked that our members and partners follow our own guiding light and embrace the concept of a bold twenty year vision:


‘To be the first choice sport for girls and women’.


We are now three quarters of the way through ‘Polaris’, and whilst there have been significant developments across the sport, as an organisation we still remain committed to our fundamental mission of leading the sustainable growth of the sport and it’s people.  Through supporting our ever growing membership with key programmes that empower our athletes, coaches, umpires, officials and volunteers to grow and develop at every level of the pathway, we are strengthening our sport for the future.


‘We empower our people to succeed and thrive.’


The past two years in particular have seen substantial growth for the business, some highlights being:

  • 38% membership growth
  • Introduction of NS Franchise into the Vitality Netball Superleague (VNSL) – Scottish Sirens Ltd ‘Sirens’
  • Improved National performances at International events – Netball World Youth Cup 2017, Netball Europe Championships
  • Introduction of the Thistle Mark Accreditation Scheme
  • Launch and National roll out of our Community Impact Programmes through aditional funding streams i.e. Fun5z Early Years, InstaNet, Sirens For Success, Bounce Back to Netball and Walking Netball
  • 51% increase in NS National competition participation
  • Increased regional coverage from 21 to 26 Local Authorities
  • 172 athletes in our National Performance Programme
  • ASMO statistics show a 10% increase in netball participation sessions across Scotland to nearly 550k session in 2016/17


With the rapidly evolving sporting landscape in Scotland and an increased focus on ‘sport for change‘, Netball Scotland has recently developed a Community Impact Team (through partnership, and supplementary investment, funding) which delivers a portfolio of programmes aimed at using netball to engage the disengaged, and encourage the inactive to be active, then stay active throughout life.  Aligned to our Equality Action Plan and designed to offer fun, flexible and quality opportunities for all people to participate in the sport, regardless of ability, age or any other protected characteristics.  The Community Impact Programmes are delivering significant growth and powerful results across the country.  This is currently one of the fastest growing areas of the business, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The introduction of the UWS Sirens into the VNSL also delivered substantial results for the business across the board, accelerating the strategises within Polaris and providing a high performance and high profile platform upon which we can grow and develop the sport and it’s people.  Entirely commercially funded, the Sirens afforded Netball Scotland an unprecedented opportunity to transform the face of the sport, capitalising on enhanced industry appetite for, and increased awareness of, women’s sport.  Both on and off court results exceeded expectation in terms of impact and development, and the focus is now on building on these successes to deliver accelerated and improved performances and results.

The Netball Scotland staff and Board are now working on our proposals for the incoming Strategic Plan (2019-2023), and will be reaching out to our expanding membership for your feedback and contribution, to ensure that the Governing Body and it’s members and partners are striving to deliver the same results, achieve the same targets and share common goals for the future of the sport in Scotland.

Download a copy of the Polaris 2015-2019 plan