The ‘Bounce Back to Netball’ (BBN) programme was designed by Netball Scotland to encourage people of all ages and abilities over the age of 18 to participate in regular fun, safe and affordable netball sessions which will have a positive impact on health and well-being.

Whether you have never played Netball before or maybe you haven’t played for a few years this is the programme for you!

If you want to find out whether a BBN session has started in your area or if you would like to start up your own BBN club email bounceback@netballscotland.com

To find the nearest Bounce Back to Netball Venue near you click here or email bounceback@netballscotland.com


There is no need to register, once you have found a session near you, just rock up with your runners on, session payment and drink bottle in hand and have fun!


Sessions are pay and play between £3 and £5 per session (check session details). On your second week of participation you will become a Bounce Back to Netball Member of Netball Scotland. For just £10;

  • Support from Bounce Back to Netball Officer and Regional Development Manager
  • Access to our BBN workshops and events
  • Option to upgrade to BBN+ for coaching and officiating courses
  • Eligibility to take part in any BBN sessions across Scotland
  • Opportunities to take part in friendly match play within our national and regional festivals
  • Exclusive access to early bird offers for Netball Scotland events
  • Exclusive offers and competitions through our official kit supplier Viper 10
  • 25% off Strathclyde Sirens tickets
  • Covered by Netball Scotland’s Public Liability and Group Personal Accident Insurance

The Bounce Back to Netball Membership is an annual membership fee. For all new Bounce Back to Netball Members who have joined up between October 2014 to August 2015, your membership will run until 31st August 2016. This for your loyalty to the Bounce Back to Netball Programme and a thank you for being apart of the successful launch of the programme.

The typical Netball Scotland season runs from 1st of September to the 31st of August each year.

If you were to join towards the end of the season, there are no part payments or half season payment opportunities. If you have any queries please email bounceback@netballscotland.com

Wear comfortable exercise clothes (t-shirt/vest top, shorts/leggings), with closed in running shoes, have short fingernails, ensure jewellery is removed (including all peircings, braclets, necklaces), wedding bands may be taped, bring a drinkbottle and your session money. Have fun!

Netball Scotland are encouraging clubs and groups to get involved and start their own Bounce Back to Netball Sessions. If your club is interested email bounceback@netballscotland.com for all the information and benefits.

  • All marketing material in order for you to promote your Bounce Back to Netball Session to get as many people as possible to bounce back to netball.
  • Netball Scotland will add you to our ‘Find a Bounce Back Club ‘section of the website and help promote your sessions.
  • You may be eligible to recieve a free Equipment Starter Pack (balls, bibs, ball bag, whistle) for a 6 week period. From there we are offering a big discount for Gilbert Merchandise where you will be able to purchase equipment using the funds generated by your sessions.
  • You will receive a ‘How to get Started Handbook’ which details how to go about running a Bounce back to Netball Session, detailing affiliation with consent forms and registration forms, as well as basic rules of the game for netball newcomers.
  • You will receive a ‘Resource Handbook’ for the facilitator of the session. This handbook contains ideas for how to conduct a BBN Training Session including fun games for warm up, catching, throwing, movement, shooting and defending skills followed by how to facilitate a Netball Game. This handbook is just a guideline, some BBN groups may want to play a game for the 60 minute session or another BBN group may want to learn some movement or shooting skills. This handbook will provide the resources in order for you to do this.
  • You will receive the support of Netball Scotland and if your session is run in one of our Regional Development Areas you will have on groud access to one of our Regional Development Managers!
  • To provide a structured session for your current or new recreational/social players.
  • To provide a pathway for netball newcomers or returning players who would like to play socially in the BBN programme to joining your club as a competitive player wanting to play in a league team.
  • To provide the platform for your current coaches and umpires to practice their skills at each Bounce Back to Netball Session.
  • To provide the opportunity to gain volunteers, new coaches and umpires.

Many of our existing clubs, local authorities, corporate businesses and community groups already provide opportunities for recreational netball and we want to build on their good practice to empower people to play netball.

If you are already running a similar programme we would love to help you build on this just email bounceback@netballscotland.com

To find out where our current BBN venues are and if there are any vacancies for facilitators please email bounceback@netballscotland.com This may be a voluntary role depending on the BBN club. It is ideal for coaches, individuals wanting to become a coach or working through their UKCC qualifications, or if you are a lover of netball and just want to get involved!

If you would like to practice your umpiring skills in a fun and no pressure environment email bounceback@netball.com