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Netball Scotland Partners With Viper 10 to Empower Women’s Sport

7th November 2017

As strong advocates for Women in sport, both Netball Scotland and Viper 10 are continually developing their brands to further support this movement, creating exposure and opportunities for athletes and organisations alike. Our partners Viper 10 Sportswear are renowned ‘Netball Kit Specialists’ and we could not be prouder to join forces with them for this reason.

Netball is one of the fastest growing female sports in the UK and Viper 10 are one of few brands supplying a fully bespoke service for Women’s sport-specific clothing. Both the on and off-court range has been designed specifically with Women in mind and features no generic ‘uni-sex’ products. Viper 10 Netball Dresses are available across the widest range of sizes, with tailored length and bust options; ultimately catering for all female body types within the sport.

The recently launched ‘Sirens For Success’ programme is just one example of Netball Scotland pushing a positive movement for Women in Sport. In Scotland, more men than women take part in physical activity every week.  Women are missing out on the physical, mental and well-being benefits of sport.  Netball is a female dominant sport and the Siren’s Netball franchise are committed to enhancing the lives of young people through sport and physical activity; providing them with the information and advice they need to fulfil their potential. With our unique understanding of women’s lives and perceptions we utilise our positive role models who have faced barriers and gone on to achieve success in sport to drive positive change.

Claire Nelson, CEO of Netball Scotland and UWS Sirens, is a passionate advocate for Women in sport and welcomes the partnership with Viper 10 – “I am absolutely delighted to be working with the Viper 10 team… With like-minded synergy across the advancement of female sport, and a passion for innovation and challenging the status quo, I am excited to see how the partnership progresses”.

Viper 10 are working to break the stigma that surrounds Netball and Women’s sport by bringing vibrant designs and fresh ideas to the table. The brand is constantly pushing to raise the benchmark along with the like-minded partners at Netball Scotland and UWS Sirens. These partners are on a mission and they aren’t stopping anytime soon!

To be more involved in the movement, and to make the most of this partnership, check out our social media channels Friday 10th November.

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